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The largest range of functional feeding barges

Steinsvik has considerable expertise and experience in the development and construction of barges for all types of fish farming. Robust and reliable platforms are essential in the rough conditions faced by modern aquaculture. Barges are manufactured according to the highest market standards and requirements. We place great emphasis on developing reliable and functional solutions that contribute to efficient operations and safe working conditions with comfort and well-being for their keepers.

We deliver feeding barges of steel in several sizes, adapted to several modes of operation, location sizes and conditions. The barges have a storage capacity from 100 up to 750 tons of feed, and can be fitted with one to twelve feeding lines depending on type of barge. Our barges can be equipped with a variety of optional accessories – according to your wishes. Project completion is systemized and all deliveries are closely followed up by personnel from Steinsvik. Our comprehensive experience from both the aquaculture and offshore industry gives you a product you can rely on.

Large and varied range

Steinsvik offers a large and varied range of feeding barges. Our three types of barges are the new, modern and refined Nova barges, the well known Classic barges, and the Seafarm Feeder barges. We always want satisfied customers, and if you are interested in bigger barges or increasing the number of feeding lines, we will do our best to meet your needs. Through the years we have delivered around 200 barges altogether.

Supplied ready for use

Our barges are ready for use right from the start. We have made deliveries where the barges have been operative only two hours after the tow has been completed. Our experience from a wide range of barge deliveries means that we deliver on time and ready for use time after time. Our barges are designed and built according to applicable requirements. Certification and adaptation of each barge in accordance with customers and authorities' demands (NS-9415, NYTEK, Global G.A.P.).