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Gjótuhraun 8 , 220 Hafnarfjörður

Tölvur og net var founded in 2008. ToN started servicing people in 2012 and has since then grown. Now the company services most of the company's in the south Vestfjords.

Tölvur og net servicing companies and individuals in as efficient way as possible, but most of all in professional way. .

Tölvur og Net specialists in importing equipment for fish farming. Everything from cameras to feeding barges. The company services most of the company's in the south Vest fjords. ToN also sells computer and computer related hardware and offers computer repairs and virus cleaning. Aswell as we offer a special technical service in all areas.  


Bjarni Einarsson

IT Manager

Many years of IT knowledge in wide areas on sea and land based projects.
  • Ari
    We at Þórsberg ehf. have used ToN service when computer problems have surfaced. They have been quick to solve our problem both fast and well.
    Ari Hafliðason / Thorsberg ehf.
  • Hoski
    Fjardarlax has used the service of ToN for two years. A lot of our fish farming equipment is technical and ToN has made an effort to service our equipment with efficiant ways.
    Höskuldur Steinarsson / Fjardarlax ehf.
  • Björgvin
    High quality, safe and good service that you can trust.
    Björgvin Sigurjónsson / Tv-Verk ehf
  • Hoski
    Fish farming company's work with life biomass, that is why the service need to be quick and focused when we need assistant. ToN has served us very well in that mater.
    Höskuldur Steinarsson / Fjardalax ehf
  • Freyja
    No problems with ToN, quick service and positive attitude.
    Freyja Magnúsdóttir / Tungusilungur ehf.
  • sibba
    We are very happy with the service from ToN. The employees response quickly for problems we have and are well known and focused to the issues we might have. we recommencement there services.
    Sigurbjörg Pálsdóttir / Nanna ehf.